Flexible Dentures

Patients looking for a comfortable alternative to traditional dentures could be interested in Flexible dentures, available from Europa Dental Laboratories Using advanced technology to fit around the shape of teeth and gums upon insertion, the flexible denture can be used when there is not enough bone for fitting dental implants to replace missing teeth. The flexible denture works by flexing into position, not needing the use of metal clasping mechanisms to hold the dentures in place. Individuals with irregularities in the shape of their mouth could benefit greatly from the treatment and experience a growth to their self-confidence as a result.

What are Flexible dentures?

Flexible dentures could be the perfect solution for an individual who has lost one or more of their natural teeth as a result of gum disease, dental infection or a sporting injury. Using this method your Dental Clinic professional can utilise a partial denture to replace missing teeth and get the smile back to its natural best.

The replacement of missing teeth can have a profound effect on the appearance and overall wellbeing of an individual. Without facial support from a denture following the removal of teeth, the face can often sag, which could make individuals appear older than they actually are. Also, the fixture of dentures can ensure oral health is maintained, as those with multiple missing teeth can often experience fracture or wear of the remaining teeth. In addition, dentures can make it much easier for members of the public to carry out a number of tasks people usually take for granted, such as eating and speaking without difficulty.



Our dentures - As with our crown and bridge department, a three tier quality status allows every patient to choose aesthetic excellence at a price that suits them.

Why choose private dentures?

Private dentures The teeth used for private dentures are more realistic and will be individually positioned to enhance and support your facial features. A wider range of shapes and colours are available such as Ivoclar Vivadent's 'Pearl Effect' brand. Teeth intended for private dentures are specially manufactured to improve their strength an appearance.. Enhanced techniques are used to make sure your dentures fit and look their best. Quality is paramount, so you can expect a high standard of workmanship, using only the very best materials which will provide an exceptional result.

Economy / NHS dentures If you choose a cheaper option the dentures will not look quite as natural. Denture teeth manufactured for use with economy dentures are not as realistic as private dentures and can appear 'false'. Often teeth with restricted shapes and colours are set to an 'average position' with little thought given to your individual characteristics. Teeth for economy dentures are often provided without any form of guarantee against excessive wear and can lose both their functionality and appearance in a shorter time. Generally you can expect an acceptable standard of workmanship, with an average looking result.


Crown & Bridge

Crown & Bridge - Our sheer size and flexibility allows us to provide a three tier quality status, which allows every patient to choose aesthetic excellence at a price that suits them.

Each department is managed and quality control in place to avoid any possibility of mass production.

Top crafted crowns and bridges, allows the patient a choice of metal free restorations or composites.

Private Specialist department. Senior technicians producing higher quality restorations with superior aesthetics.


Laboratory Work Schedules

This are working times for production of restoration in the laboratory.

Normal turnaround time and time and working time begins when work arrives at the laboratory and excludes weekends and bank holidays. Please observe our work in certain terms to maintain our quality of work and employability of employees.

  • Bonded, metal crowns inlay/onlay
 7 working days
  • Bonded crown with post & core
 9 working days
  • Acrylic dentures bite blocks + special trays
 5 working days
  • Acrylic dentures try-in, finish
 6 working days
  • Chrome Cobalt denture between bite and try-in stages 
10 working days
  • All guards, retainers, whitening trays
 5 working days